1. What is sea freight? Detailed introduction to international shipping.

sea freight cargo transportation, referred to as “maritime transportation”, refers to a way of using ships to transport goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea lanes. Ocean transportation accounts for more than 2/3 of the total international trade volume, and China’s import and export About 90% of the total freight volume is transported by sea, which is the most important mode of transportation in international logistics.sea freight is a form of waterway transportation of goods between countries. The transportation cost is low and the freight volume is large. However, the disadvantage is that the timeliness is slow. International shipping has a great effect on the development of import and export trade. It has a great impact on the development of import and export trade. The rapid development among various countries has played a driving role.What is international shipping The concept of international shipping: the most important mode of transportation for foreign trade transactions, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total freight volume of import and export trade.Advantages of international shipping: the volume of freight transported by sea is large, shipping freight is low, and routes extend in all directions.Disadvantages of international shipping: the speed is relatively slow, the risk of sailing is high, and the date of sailing is not easy to determine, which are the existing shortcomings.

2. International shipping operations steps:

2.1 Price – Receive the power of attorney – Ocean shipping booking and truck booking – Carton picking and packing – Export declaration and customs release – Handover of work with shipping company and shipping agency – Distribution of bill of lading – Deduction of transportation fees – Terminal booking and pickup.

3. International shipping cargo packaging requirements

The packaging of goods should be firm and intact, which can ensure safe treatment of the goods during transportation. The packaging of the goods should be convenient for transportation, loading, unloading, handling and stacking. There should be no protruding nails, hooks or thorns on the surface and should be kept clean, dry, free of odor and oil stains. The padding material in the outer packaging must not be exposed and must be bundled with packing tape. The packing tape used to tie the goods should be able to withstand all the weight of the goods and ensure that they will not break when the goods are lifted.

4. Characteristics of sea freight

4.1 sea freight will not be restricted by road surfaces and rails, and will have greater transportation capabilities. The shipping industry process involves individuals and management from different countries and regions. The shipping industry is also restricted by international law and international management, and is affected by the political and legal constraints of various countries.

4.2 sea freight port facilities are generally built by the government, and companies operating international shipping businesses can save a lot of infrastructure investment. Because ships carry large cargo capacity, are used for a long time, and have long transportation miles, the logistics cost of enterprises is low.

4.3 Among various means of transportation, water transportation is a relatively slow one. International shipping is only one part of the transportation process, and the ports at both ends must use other means of transportation. International shipping may also be affected by climatic conditions and climate, and the sailing time may not be accurate.

5. The role of international shipping

5.1 Maritime cargo transportation is the main mode of import and export trade transportation.

5.2 Maritime cargo transportation is one of the important ways to save foreign exchange payments and increase foreign exchange income.

5.3 Developing the maritime transportation industry is conducive to improving the national industrial layout and the structure of international trade export products.

5.4 The maritime transport fleet is the main reserve force. In general, international shipping plays a vital role in the world’s international trade. It is a mode of cargo transportation that cannot be ignored. In the future, its development trend will be even more unlimited.

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