Have you ever seen the packaging of air freight? What are the packaging requirements for liquid and powdery goods for air transport? Let me give you a detailed introduction.
Liquid cargo:
a) Regardless of whether it is bottled, canned or barreled, there must be a 5-10% gap inside, the lid must be tightly sealed, and the container must not leak;
b) For liquids contained in clay or glass containers, the capacity of each container must not exceed 500 ml, and a wooden box must be added. The box must be filled with padding and absorbent materials to prevent the goods from shaking;
c) The weight of each piece of goods should not exceed 25 kilograms;
d) The outer packaging of the goods should be labeled with a “Fragile Items” label.

Powdered goods:
a) If packed in bags, the outer layer must be packaged to ensure that the powder does not leak out, such as plastic-coated woven bags or fiberglass bags, etc., and the weight of each piece must not exceed 50 kilograms;
b) If it is packed in cardboard barrels, wooden barrels, or plywood barrels, it is required that the barrel body is not broken, the seams are tight, the lid is sealed and leak-proof, and the barrel hoop is strong and strong;
c) If it is packed in glass bottles, the capacity of each bottle shall not exceed 1 kilogram, and it must be packed in a carton or wooden box, and the box should be filled with lining material.
Regarding the issue of “packaging requirements for some liquid and powdery goods for air transport”, the above content has been introduced in detail to everyone. I hope it can help you.

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