I want to ship to Sydney or Melbourne, but I don’t know how to choose. There are many trade terms. Let me introduce it to you today.
Things to note and shipping procedures when sea freight to Sydney, Australia

  1. Determine the type of transportation
    International express delivery: Express delivery is suitable for transporting small amounts of things. If something is urgently needed, it is sent by express delivery. Features: Fast delivery.

International sea freight: Sea freight is suitable for transporting a lot of things, with large carrying capacity, long sea cycle, and features: cheap.

For private transportation, generally choose the door-to-door shipping line with double clearance, which will be delivered to your door after customs clearance. Private individuals do not have the ability to clear customs themselves, and it is easy to delay the progress if they do not know the operating procedures.

  1. Confirm the quantity of goods transported

If the quantity of goods is large and the volume is large, then the price of sea freight will definitely be cheaper than the quantity.

The calculation method for sea transportation is to multiply the length, width and height of the goods = volume. For example, if the length is 1M, the width is 0.5M, and the height is 0.8M, the volume is equal to 10.50.8=0.4 cubic meters. This is charged if it is not overweight. Cubic number.

If it is overweight, the general shipping ratio is: 1 cubic meter = 500KGS. For example, if a marble has a volume of 0.5 cubic meters and a weight of 800 kilograms, the charging standard is 800/500 = 1.6 cubic meters;

Because a cabinet has a limited weight, there are also weight requirements.

You also need to choose the mode of transportation. If the quantity of LCL is larger, you need to choose a larger carrier. If the volume of the goods is less than 20 cubic meters, LCL is cheaper;

20-25 cubic meters can carry 20-foot containers; (20GP inner size: 5.898×2.352×2.385M)

25-55 cubic meters, can carry 40-foot containers; (40GP inner size: 12.032×2.352×2.385M)

55-65 cubic meters, go 40 feet ultra-high box. (Dimensions within 40HQ: 12.032×2.352×2.69M)

  1. Confirm customs clearance of shipped goods

As long as you pay attention to the following points during the customs clearance process, you don’t have to worry about customs clearance.

(1) The more detailed the packing list, the lower the inspection rate. Do not fill in the broad category names of the goods. For example, declare tableware truthfully, but do not declare tableware.

(2) Do not under-declare the value of the goods. The value of the goods must be declared reasonably. Australian Customs will also strictly check the value of the goods. If the goods are inspected by the customs and they feel that the value of the goods is higher than what you declared, you will be asked to pay the tax that should be paid. , and possibly fines;

(3) Do not transport goods with first-line brand names or imitation brands. Foreign countries attach great importance to brand protection. If there is a brand, please provide a brand authorization letter, or if it is for personal use, please keep the purchase certificate for inspection;

(4) Please inquire clearly about Australian customs clearance requirements when shipping. Do not ship some strange things, such as traditional Chinese medicine, dry goods (salted fish), medicines, etc.

Or if you want to transport electric vehicles or something, you need to apply for an Australian import permit in advance;

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