In addition to product issues, international foreign trade friends are probably most concerned about international logistics issues. When receiving an order, how to mail the goods to the customer using the fastest and most favorable international logistics method. So how do we choose the delivery channel ? mainly compares and introduces items from the attributes, timeliness, price and international express delivery channels.

First, based on the nature of the items, international items can be divided into ordinary goods and imitation goods.

First of all, let’s introduce what ordinary goods are. In layman’s terms, ordinary goods are ordinary goods, not brand-name goods, not sensitive goods, etc. Counterfeit goods refer to counterfeiting other people’s brands, appearance, and logos without formal authorization certificates.

There are many options for shipping general goods, and you can basically use any of them. Friends who want to send general goods can choose express delivery from the postal service, because the postal service has strong customs clearance capabilities, a wide delivery range, and cheap prices.

The choice of counterfeit goods is not as wide as that of ordinary goods, because various countries have strict inspections of counterfeit goods and prohibit imports. Usually, counterfeit goods can be sent through EMS, postal parcels, postal small parcels and other channels. Of course, the four major express delivery companies can sometimes try it, but the price is much more expensive. The most important thing is that the risk is too great. For specific situations, you need to consult with the delivery company before shipping the goods.

Second, analyze from the timeliness of the items

What foreign trade customers are most concerned about when shipping goods is the timeliness issue, because too much time will lead to customer complaints, and even the risk of foreign trade customer stores on some third-party platforms being blocked. Therefore, the speed of logistics has become a top priority. The fastest delivery methods are UPS, DHL, FEDEX and international dedicated lines. The delivery time is relatively fast, within 3-7 days. If it is a Southeast Asian country, it can be delivered within 5 working days. If you use EMS service, the time limit can be controlled within 7-10 days. If you are lucky, the time may even be shorter in some countries. EMS service is mainly about fast timeliness and good stability. There are also items such as large bags, which can be sent by air package, but the delivery time is about 20 days. If you have low time requirements, you can use surface mail or water and land channels for cheaper prices. Generally, the time limit is within 30-40 days. There are currently many delivery channels, each with its own advantages. You can choose according to your own circumstances.

Third, analyze from the price of the item

In terms of price, packages under two kilograms can choose postal parcels, E-mail and other channels. If it is more than two kilograms and less than thirty kilograms, you can choose China Post’s large parcel and Hong Kong Post’s large parcel services. There are also four major international express delivery options for goods under 21 kilograms. Of course, when sending international express delivery, there is a problem of volumetric weight and remote cost. If the volumetric weight is much heavier than the actual weight, then you have to consider it comprehensively. The same goes for remote charges. The four major international express companies will have their own remote charges. After checking, this must be included in the freight.

Fourth, analyze from the advantages of international express delivery

DHL Express mainly has great advantages in Europe, America, Africa, and South America. UPS Express mainly travels to Southeast Asia and has obvious advantages. FEDEX Express is mainly expensive, but it has the advantage of strong customs clearance capabilities in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. These international express delivery services have the characteristics of fast delivery and strong customs clearance capabilities, but they are expensive. For international express delivery business, you can consult InternetEasy customer service to provide the best delivery channels and price advantages.

The above is an analysis of the delivery methods for foreign trade customers. The above is a summary analysis from the price, nature and timeliness of the goods. I believe you can choose a suitable delivery channel based on your own delivery situation.

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