Contact multiple logistics companies and ask them for detailed services, prices and requirements so that you can choose the logistics method that best suits your needs.
To choose the right items for air freight to Sydney, here are some common tips:
Files and folders: For important files or folders, you can choose to ship them by air through international express companies, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Clothing and personal items: For personal items, clothing or small items, it may be more suitable to choose a company that specializes in international package express services, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Electronic products and small furniture: For smaller electronic products or furniture, they can be transported by air through international freight companies, such as Emirates, Lufthansa, etc.
Valuable items and samples: If you need to send valuable items or commercial samples, it is recommended to choose an experienced and reputable dedicated international freight service provider.
Before choosing a logistics method, there are some factors to consider:
Speed and timeliness: Choose the shipping speed that suits your schedule, express delivery may be faster than air freight. If you can accept a longer shipping time, air freight may be a more economical option.
Cost and budget: Different logistics methods have different prices. Choose the appropriate transportation method based on your budget and cost considerations.
Security and Insurance: Make sure you choose a reliable and secure logistics provider and understand their insurance policies to protect your belongings.
Item Type and Size: Different logistics providers may have different restrictions and requirements for different types and sizes of items, make sure you understand and comply with these regulations.

  1. International air transport is more selective
    There are many airlines, and most countries have at least one airline (usually the national airline). Major aviation countries such as the United States, China, and Russia. They all have dozens of larger airlines. While there may not be many options at a given airport or port of destination, in general, there is a wide range of options for international air transportation. After all, there are many suppliers (every airline is a supplier).
    There are relatively few suppliers for international express delivery. We often go to the four major international express companies: FedEx, Ups, DHL and TNT, China Post EMS. There are few international express delivery suppliers and little room for choice.
  1. Low damage rate and good ground safety
    Since the price of air cargo is relatively high, the operating process is more stringent than other modes of transportation. Damage is greatly reduced. After the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft, it is very difficult for air cargo to cause damage, the cargo damage rate is low, and the entire cargo transportation is safe.
    This feature makes some goods unsuitable for air transport, such as machinery and equipment with larger volume and weight. However, some of these goods are particularly afraid of collision damage, so this restriction causes it to be transported only by air, reducing the chance of damage. .
  2. International air transport operations also have advantages
    In fact, a lot of international express transportation is also done by regional airlines, because international express has its own aircraft and the coverage is limited. Air transportation is directly undertaken by regional airlines, which optimizes the intermediate operation links and reduces the flow of goods in circulation. losses and reach the customers efficiently and quickly.
  3. It can save the related costs of production enterprises.
    Due to the speed of air transportation, the circulation speed of products of manufacturing enterprises can be accelerated, thereby saving product storage costs, insurance premiums and interest expenses. On the other hand, product circulation is accelerated. Increasing the capital turnover rate can greatly improve the utilization rate of funds.
  4. International air transport has more obvious advantages than sea transport
  5. Air transportation has strong timeliness and short transportation cycle (usually 1 day to 1 week). The delivery timeliness is poor and the transportation cycle is long (generally ranging from 1 week to 2 months);
  6. Air transportation has a short cycle and fast capital turnover; however, sea transportation takes a long time, each time taking a month or more;
  7. Air freight has strong flexibility in sales, which helps to seize rapidly changing business opportunities and reduce inventory risks. It is easy to delay the sales opportunity due to shipment and increase the risk of slow sales.
  8. Fast delivery
    Since the means of transportation used in air cargo is airplanes, the flying speed of airplanes is about 600 to 800 kilometers per hour, which is much faster than other vehicles. The train speed is about 100 per hour. From a few kilometers to 140 kilometers, cars drive on the highway from 120 kilometers to 140 kilometers, and the boat speed is slower.
    This feature of air cargo is suitable for the needs of certain special goods, such as fresh and perishable goods such as seafood and livestock. Due to the nature of the cargo itself, this type of shipment has particularly high time requirements and can only be shipped by air.
    A very important feature of international logistics is the difference in logistics environments between countries, especially the differences in the soft logistics environment. Different laws applicable to logistics in different countries make international logistics much more complex than a country’s domestic logistics, and may even block international logistics; different economic and technological development levels in different countries will cause international logistics to be supported by different technological conditions, and even Some regions are simply unable to apply certain technologies, which forces the entire international logistics system to decline; different standards in different countries will make it difficult to establish a unified standard for the international logistics system; the national conditions and characteristics of different countries will inevitably make international logistics subject to great limitations. .
    The difference between international express line and international express: International express service integrates global resources and cooperates with overseas express companies to sort goods domestically and fly direct flights for customs clearance and distribution.
    Line channels to specific countries, generally the United States dedicated line and European dedicated line are international dedicated lines, with air, sea, rail and other modes of transportation. International express delivery definition: refers to the express delivery and logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions).
    The delivery business of letters, business documents and items between countries (or regions) is a transportation method that inspects and releases express items through border ports and customs between countries.
    After the international express arrives at the destination country, it needs to be transshipped again in the destination country before the express can be delivered to the final destination, which is called international express.

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