International sea freight and international air freight are the two most common modes of transportation in international freight, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages and disadvantages of international air transport:
Shorter timeliness: Compared with sea freight, air freight has a faster timeliness. It usually takes a few days to reach the destination, which is suitable for goods with high timeliness requirements. Suitable for small, light and expensive goods: Air freight is suitable for small, light and expensive goods, because the transportation cost of air freight is relatively high. No geographical restrictions: Air transportation can cover all regions of the world without geographical restrictions.
High freight: Compared with sea freight, air freight has higher freight. Relatively low safety: There are many unforeseen factors in air transportation, such as bad weather, airport security, etc., so transportation safety is relatively low. Large impact on the environment: Compared with sea transportation, air transportation has a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions and has a relatively large impact on the environment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of International sea freight:
Relatively low cost: Freight charges for ocean freight are usually lower than air freight, especially for bulk cargo.
Suitable for bulk cargo: Sea transportation is more suitable for larger and heavier cargo than other modes of transportation.
High safety: The safety of maritime transportation is relatively high, because ships will be strictly monitored and protected during transportation.
Environmental protection: Compared with air transportation, sea transportation has lower carbon dioxide emissions and has a relatively small impact on the environment.

Long timeliness: Ocean shipping requires multiple loading, unloading and transfers, and it usually takes weeks or months to reach the destination, so it is not suitable for goods with high timeliness requirements.
Not suitable for perishable goods: The environment of sea transportation is relatively humid, so sea transportation is not suitable for perishable goods or goods that are easily affected by moisture.
Possible customs clearance risks: The customs clearance procedures for shipping are relatively complex and are prone to customs clearance risks. Customs clearance preparations need to be made in advance.

Whether to choose sea transportation or air transportation needs to be considered based on multiple factors such as the properties of the specific goods, timeliness requirements, destination, and cost. When choosing a shipping method, you need to weigh various factors to find the option that works best for you.

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