Since air freight cargo transportation has very high safety requirements, especially when cargo is transported using the belly hold of a passenger aircraft, some air cargo requires an appraisal report. So what is an air cargo appraisal report, and which cargoes require air cargo appraisal.
What is air freight identification
The full name of air transport appraisal is “Air Transport Conditions Identification Report”. In English, it is called Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods, commonly known as air transport appraisal or appraisal.
Which goods require air freight identification?

  1. Magnetic goods
    According to the requirements of the IATA902 International Air Transport Agreement, any magnetic field intensity at a distance of 2.1m from the surface of the object to be measured should be less than 0.159A/m (200nT) before general cargo transportation (general cargo identification) can be carried out. Any cargo containing magnetic materials will generate a magnetic field in space, and magnetic cargo safety inspections are required to ensure flight safety. For example: magnets, speakers, mobile phones, products containing motors, etc.
  2. Powder goods
    Air freight identification reports must be provided for goods in powder status, such as diamond powder, spirulina powder, and various plant extracts.
  1. Goods containing liquids and gases
    For example: some instruments may contain rectifiers, thermometers, barometers, pressure gauges, ** converters, etc.
  2. Chemical goods
    Air transportation of chemical goods and various chemical products generally requires an air transportation appraisal report. Chemicals can be roughly divided into hazardous chemicals and ordinary chemicals. Commonly seen in air transport are ordinary chemicals, that is, chemicals that can be transported as ordinary cargo. Such chemicals must have a general air cargo appraisal before they can be transported, which means that the appraisal report proves that the goods are ordinary chemicals and not dangerous goods.
  3. Oily goods
    For example: automobile parts may contain engines, carburetors or fuel tanks containing fuel or residual fuel; camping equipment or equipment may contain flammable liquids such as kerosene and gasoline.
  4. Goods with batteries
    The classification and identification of batteries is more complicated. Batteries or products containing batteries may be dangerous goods in Category 4.3 and Category 8 and Category 9 for air transport, so the products involved need an identification report as support when transported by air. For example: electrical equipment may contain batteries; electric equipment such as lawn mowers, golf carts, wheelchairs, etc. may contain batteries.
    What does the air freight appraisal report include?
    The main content of the cargo transportation appraisal certificate generally includes the name of the cargo and its company logo, main physical and chemical properties, hazardous characteristics of the transported objects, laws and regulations based on the appraisal, emergency disposal methods, etc. The purpose is to provide transportation units with information directly related to transportation safety.

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