Mobile phone accessories refer to accessories directly related to the use of mobile phones, mainly including mobile phone cases, mobile phone films, chargers, data cables, mobile phone memory cards, mobile phone holders, selfie sticks, external lenses, mobile power supplies, mobile phone batteries, headphones, and speakers. wait. So what should you pay attention to when shipping mobile phone accessories to France by air freight? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

  1. Express shipments with a declared value of less than 70 francs in France are tax-free; printing accessories will be charged a tariff of 5.3% + 20.6.
  2. Goods with a value of more than 220 euros cannot be cleared through express delivery.
  3. Import of high-value express items: For express items with a declared value higher than USD20, the recipient is required to provide relevant documents for assistance during customs clearance: If the sender or recipient does not receive any information on how to handle it within 20 days When replying, French Customs will perform the lower cost of the following operations on such items:
    1) Return to the sender, and the return fee and customs duties will be paid by the sender;
    2) Destroyed at customs, the sender needs to pay a handling fee of 400 euros;
  4. For information equipment imported to France, the recipient must provide a license granted by the relevant department.
  5. According to French customs requirements, all international EMS items sent to France must provide a formal invoice (except for old items).
  6. Packing lists and certificates of products sold to France must be in French, including logo descriptions. If they are not written in French, a translation should be attached.
  1. All goods sent to France (FRANCE) must be accompanied by two original copies of the goods. The local customs does not accept goods cleared in form. The declaration content of the goods must comply with the following requirements:
    1) **Need to be made on letterhead paper with the shipper’s information;
    2) **The details of the recipient and consignor must be declared in detail (company name, contact name, address, phone number, etc.);
    3) **requires **date and **number;
    4) Indicate the terms of delivery and country of origin of the goods;
    5) The ** content must clearly declare the detailed product name, quantity, unit price, and total price of each item;
    6) The consignor’s signature and company seal are required.
    France is located in western Europe, with a unique geographical location and extremely rich nature and culture. Last year, the French Customs Administration released the “French Customs Declaration Plan” on September 22, aiming to simplify French customs declaration procedures. It is expected that these regulations will help promote Sino-French trade.

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