As global logistics becomes increasingly close and cross-border e-commerce becomes more active, cross-border logistics plays an increasingly important role in connecting buyers and sellers. The United States is one of the important markets for Chinese Amazon sellers, so what ports are there for the U.S. sea freight line? What are the routes? Zhongxun Logistics takes the Amazon platform as an example to talk to you about the U.S. sea freight line.

What ports are there for the US sea freight line?

The US route is also often called the US line, and US ports are usually divided into US West and US East based on geographical location.

Basic ports in the United States: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle.

Basic ports in the eastern United States: Houston, Miami, Savannah, New York, Norfolk, Charleston, and Jacksonville.

What are the routes of the American shipping line?

West Coast Route

Most container ships from Chinese ports to the United States are on the West-West route. Taking the West-American route from China to the United States has the advantages of short shipping distance, short shipping time, and low shipping cost. Ships such as Matson, Zim, COSCO, and CUL all call at ports in the western United States, most of which call at ports such as Long Beach Port and Los Angeles Port. It depends on the actual route.

US East Route

The U.S. East Route mainly calls at the Port of Houston and Miami, and there are not as many flights as the U.S. West Route. However, sometimes due to congestion problems at major ports in the Western United States, some ships will be diverted to the Port of Houston.

What are the dedicated shipping channels in the United States?

The U.S. shipping card delivery channels include Matson Express, Zim Express, Yantian General Ship and other first-leg shipping channels, which can receive internally charged and weak magnetic general cargo, and finally deliver it to Amazon FBA warehouse.

American shipping cards are divided into American shipping cards and American shipping cards.

The advantage of American Haipai lies in direct shipping and tail-end express delivery. Direct shipping is indeed timely transportation, and tail-end express delivery can improve delivery efficiency and quickly put goods into the warehouse.

American Sea Card is the first leg of ocean shipping to transport the goods to the destination port, and then transport the goods to the destination by truck. Compared with Shanghai style, Haika advantage lies in its low logistics cost. The final delivery is completed by trucks, which greatly reduces freight costs. However, it requires an advance reservation before warehousing.

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