What is international air freight? In a narrow sense, international air transport refers to air transport logistics channels, which mainly include various dedicated logistics lines, such as American air transport dedicated lines, European air transport dedicated lines, Russian air transport dedicated lines, etc. Generally speaking, it refers to various logistics channels based on air transportation. So what kind of goods are suitable for international air freight? Let’s take a look together.

  1. Electronic products
    Electronic products are more suitable for international air freight, because electronic products are upgraded quickly. If they are transported by sea or rail, the goods may be halfway through before a new model comes out, and customers may return the goods. In addition, the value of electronic products is relatively high, and the safety requirements for freight channels are relatively high. Although air transportation is not as safe as express delivery, it is also very safe. Another important point is that the profit margin of electronic products is relatively high, enough to support the transportation cost of air freight.
  2. E-commerce small parcels
    Small e-commerce parcels are also suitable for air transportation, because the items in e-commerce small parcels are relatively light. The cost of air transportation such as postal parcels and e-mail packages is not too high, but the freight efficiency is greatly improved, making it more suitable for e-commerce. Buyers’ logistics requirements and improve product transaction rates.
  3. Other goods with high timeliness requirements
    In addition, other goods with high logistics timeliness requirements are also suitable for international air transport. The specific logistics timeliness requirements of the seller should be based on.

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