What is the difference between a drop box and a pick-up box for international sea freight?
The difference between a pre-package box and a drop-off box

  1. Scope of action
    Suitcases are usually used for items leaving the port to the United States.
    The closing fee is a cost incurred when exporting.
  2. Factors that play a role
    The pre-pickup box fee is because AMS has AMS’s deadline limit, and the pickup fee is later than AMS’s deadline, but AMS needs to provide the box number when sending the manifest. Therefore, in this case, the suitcase must be placed in the yard first.
    The drop-off fee refers to the fee incurred when the container enters the port. Due to some reasons at the port or the shipping company, the port has not started collecting the boxes or unpacking them. The ship owner will find a place to drop the boxes and wait for the port to open. .
  3. Bear the expenses
    Holding Box Fee: Customer.
    Drop-off fee: If it is due to the fleet, the cost will be borne by the fleet itself. If the guest has any problems, the guest will be charged.
  1. Demurrage fee
    In order to speed up the circulation of containers and avoid backlogs, shipping companies have established free use periods for containers. Within this period, the container occupied by the container is free of charge. After the period, the goods occupying the container will have to pay a fixed fee, which is called “detention fee”.
    The demurrage fee is calculated on a daily basis, and it is usually 7 days for export sales. There is often a demurrage fee when purchasing goods. The container can be used free of charge within a few days (such as ten days) after the ship arrives at the port. If it exceeds the specified time, it will be charged. Therefore, after the ship is unavailable, customs clearance and delivery arrangements must be made in a timely manner, and the empty containers must be returned to the designated location of the shipping company in a timely manner. Special containers can be used for a shorter period of time. Different shipping companies naturally have different regulations. You should ask the ship owner for the actual date. If the customer’s SOC box is used, there is no demurrage fee.
    Drop-off fee, pre-package fee and drop-off fee
    When the container enters the port, the container is not opened and it is necessary to collect the container. The fleet cannot always put this box on the container truck, and there are other boxes that must be pulled away, so they will find a place to unload the box and wait for the port to open before dragging it in. A drop-off fee will be incurred at this time.
    Pre-collection fee: In special circumstances, in order to obtain the box number, fill in the manifest or other information, it is required to pick up the box in advance. It is usually required to pick up the box in advance. The cost incurred at this time is called the pick-up box fee.
    During the entire process of shipping, in order to get the boxes on board smoothly, avoid additional costs, and avoid greater cost losses, it is very necessary to understand these costs and make judgments in advance!

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