Guyana is a country in northern South America where English is the official language. The economy is dominated by the production of primary products, with bauxite, cane sugar and rice as the three main economic pillars. The country mainly exports gold, sugar, seafood, bauxite, rice, timber, etc.; it imports fuel, lubricants, and consumer goods. The main trading partners are the United States, the European Union, Canada and CARICOM countries. China and Guyana have always maintained good trade relations, mainly exporting mechanical and electrical products, ships, textiles, steel, high-tech products, plastic products, agricultural products, tires, etc. to Guyana, and importing timber, sawn timber and agricultural products, etc. The main sea freight ports in Guyana are Georgetown and Guyana Port. The sea voyage from Shenzhen to Guyana’s Georgetown Port takes about 28-46 days, with transit via Port of Spain/Cristobal/Balboa and other ports. What are the documentation requirements for Guyana’s maritime imports? Let’s find out together below.

(1) **** (3 copies), sign the following statement on the **: “This is to certify that the price of this ** is the true price of the products listed, and all the contents are correct and true.”
(2) Fruits, vegetables, animals and animal products require health and quarantine certificates.

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