Items prohibited by international express delivery

  1. Fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and other perishable items;
  2. Items that are flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, highly acidic, alkaline, and radioactive and can cause personal injury, casualties, and property damage during production, storage, and transportation, such as: matches, **, **, ** , gasoline, diesel, kerosene, alcohol (liquid and solid), **, hydrochloric acid, acid, organic **, pesticides, raw paint, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorus, sulfur and others listed in the chemical industry Chemical products in the “Practical Handbook of Hazardous Chemicals” published by the publishing house;
  3. Powdered items (regardless of color), liquids (regardless of packaging), pastes (such as toothpaste, etc.), and goods with danger signs on the outside;
  4. Audio and video products (including CDs, VCDs), knives, bricks, sand and stones, gas lighters, etc. that are not certified by the National Audio and Video Publishing House;
  5. Various industrial wastes that pollute the environment; those that hinder public health, such as corpses (including incinerated bones) and unrefined human skins;
  6. Transceivers and communication security machines;
  7. Tobacco, wine, sugar, and mahogany;
  8. Any medicines, valuable medicinal materials, etc.;
  9. LED (light-emitting diode chip), IC (integrated circuit), diode, transistor, circuit board, circuit board, drill nozzle, mechanical equipment and parts, electronic components and spare parts, electronic components and spare parts, mobile phones, watches , cameras, medical equipment, power tools, chemical products, etc.;
  10. Various biochemical products and infectious items. Such as anthrax, dangerous bacteria, medical waste, etc.

Yunda Express has the right to know the nature, product name, quantity and weight of the items being transported, and assist relevant government departments and transportation departments in inspecting or investigating the items being transported.

  1. Right of lien on transported items:

If the consignor and its authorized agent fail to pay the freight and related expenses payable in accordance with the provisions of the carriage contract, the carrier has the right to retain the transported items before obtaining effective guarantee, and retains all rights and interests against the consignor and its authorized agent. right of recourse and shall not be liable for any resulting losses.

  1. Responsibility Terms
  2. Yunda Express is not responsible for the delay, loss, destruction or confiscation of items caused by force majeure, such as war, violence, bad weather, flight delays, crashes, typhoons, fires, floods, major traffic accidents and natural or man-made Yunda is not responsible for any serious disasters, various circumstances beyond its control or confiscation caused by the shipper.
  3. Yunda Express does not assume any liability for indirect losses or other non-subjective losses caused by delays or losses in the delivery of items.
  4. Yunda Express is not responsible for any delays, errors or losses in the delivery of items due to the following reasons:

(1) Due to the sender’s reasons, such as incorrect or incomplete address filling, illegible handwriting that cannot be confirmed, and incorrect phone numbers; the recipient’s address has changed or the area cannot be delivered, etc.

(2) Because the items entrusted by the shipper themselves violate relevant national policies and laws and regulations, such as flammable, explosive, polluting, corrosive, toxic powders, liquids and other dangerous goods.

(3) Various losses caused by the shipper’s lack of declaration and improper packaging.

  1. Loss compensation limit:
  2. If an uninsured item is lost, compensation will be based on the actual price of the item, but the maximum shall not exceed 3 times the freight charged;
  3. The maximum insured value of the item shall not exceed 20,000 yuan. If the insured item is lost, compensation will be based on the insured amount, with a maximum of no more than 20,000 yuan; if it is partially damaged or internal parts are missing, the actual loss of the item will be compensated based on the ratio of the insured amount to the full value.
  4. Claims:
  5. Any claim must be made by the shipper and notified to the carrier in writing within 30 days after delivery (based on the date filled in by this unit). At the same time, the original copy of the third page of this detailed list and the payment receipt must be issued. . Claims can only be accepted if the freight has been paid and the right to pursue compensation is waived.
  6. When making a claim, the shipper is obliged to continue to bear and repay the freight owed to the carrier by the geothermal anomaly, and the shipper has no right to deduct the amount of compensation applied for.
  7. Scope of application:
  8. The terms listed above apply to all companies or other designated agents that have the right to use Yunda’s registered trademark and business agency rights.

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