The Middle East has always been prosperous, and many cross-border e-commerce sellers are optimistic about its strong consumer market. However, behind the broad market prospects is a great test for logistics. So what issues need to be paid attention to in Middle East logistics?

  1. Fill in the mailing address
    The address for international express delivery needs to be filled in a unified language, the standard is English, and the address information must be as detailed as possible. In addition, you must not make mistakes when filling in the zip code. Even if only one number is wrong, the express delivery will not be able to be sent to the destination smoothly. land.
  2. Respect local religious culture
    In the Middle East, religious culture is relatively strong, and many people have their own beliefs. Therefore, boys are not allowed to deliver goods to girls who are home alone when doing online shopping locally.
  3. Product packaging requirements
    International express delivery has relatively strict requirements on the packaging of products, such as the packaging method and packaging materials. If it is a personal mail, it is best to ask an international express company to help package it. Not only does the packaging meet the standards, but it is also convenient to pick up the package.
  1. Mailing requirements for special items
    Special items have special mailing requirements, which require not only standardized product packaging but also special transportation routes and express delivery channels.
  2. Low delivery efficiency
    Due to the geographical environment, the distribution among various regions in the Middle East is uneven, so the distribution of orders is also relatively scattered, which affects the delivery efficiency to a certain extent.
  3. Pay attention
    Regarding customs clearance issues, the key thing to pay attention to is the declaration of tariffs and items. If the value of the goods reaches the tariff threshold, a certain proportion of tariffs must be paid. If the value of the goods does not reach the threshold, the goods can be released smoothly after inspection.
  4. Payment issues
    People in the Middle East prefer cash on delivery to online payments, but cash on delivery is a very inefficient payment method. For sellers, if they choose cash on delivery as the main payment method, the return rate is often high, and the returned goods need to be reorganized and stored. In addition, they also need to pay for the collection of goods and bear the responsibility for the goods being shipped. Due to the risk of theft and customer refusal to pay, the processing cost of each transaction will be as high as tens of dollars.

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