What are the modes of international air freight? The modes of transportation of international air cargo. International air freight has won a considerable market with its fast, safe and punctual efficiency. It has greatly shortened the delivery time and has the characteristics of speed and maneuverability. It is a precious commodity in international trade. An indispensable method for transporting items, fresh goods and precision instruments.

Air freight has won a considerable market with its fast, safe, on-time and ultra-high efficiency, greatly shortening the delivery time, and playing a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain. Major airlines have successively invested in a large number of flights to share the cargo pie. However, air freight is more expensive than sea freight and has high time requirements. The cost ratio of sea and air freight is about 1:10.
What are the modes of transportation for international air cargo?
International air transportation is divided into general air cargo transportation and express delivery services.
For ordinary air freight, the billing weight calculation formulas for ordinary air freight and express delivery are inconsistent.

For ordinary air freight, 1 cubic meter is equal to 167KG, and for international express delivery, 1 cubic meter is equal to 200KG. Whichever is greater is the volumetric weight or gross weight. If the billable weight of the goods does not exceed 30KG, international express delivery will be more cost-effective under normal circumstances. If the goods exceed 30KG, you can compare with ordinary air freight. The price of air freight should be more favorable.
In addition, ordinary air transport is more flexible than express delivery. Customs declaration documents are relatively flexible. Express customs declaration is generally based on the export declaration invoice provided by the shipper. And this invoice must always accompany the goods to the destination port. For ordinary air freight customs declaration, the invoice of the consignor may not be random. If the invoice for foreign export customs declaration is inconsistent with the invoice for domestic import, some issues with customs declaration can be solved flexibly.
What are the international air transport methods?
Air transportation methods mainly include flight transportation, charter transportation, centralized consignment and air express business. The following is a brief introduction to each transportation method.

  1. Flight transportation
    Flight transportation (scheduled
    Airlines) refer to aircraft with fixed departure times, routes and stopping terminals. It is usually a mixed passenger and cargo aircraft with a small cargo capacity and relatively expensive freight. However, due to the fixed flight schedule, it is helpful for customers to arrange the delivery of fresh goods or urgently needed goods.
  2. Chartered transportation
    Chartered transport
    Carrier) refers to the airline that leases the entire aircraft to one or more charterers (the charterer refers to the shipper or air freight forwarding company) according to the agreed conditions and rates, and transports the goods from one or more airports to the designated destination. Charter transportation is suitable for bulk cargo transportation. The rates are lower than flights, but the delivery time is longer than flights.
  3. Centralized consignment
    Consolidation can be transported by airplane or charter flight. It means that the air freight forwarding company collects multiple batches of separately shipped goods into one batch and consigns it to the airline, fills out the master waybill and sends it to the same destination, and then entrusts it to the airline. The local agent is responsible for delivery to each actual consignee. This consignment method can reduce freight costs and is one of the main businesses of air freight forwarders.
  4. Expedited express delivery
    Expedited express delivery is currently the fastest mode of air transportation. It is operated by a department dedicated to this business and partners with airlines to deliver emergency items quickly.

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