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When shipping goods, freight companies must accept inquiries from shippers, mainly sea transportation inquiries and land transportation inquiries (charged in RMB). If it cannot be provided in time, customers must leave their phone number, last name and other contact information so that we can provide the price in the shortest Response Time to the cargo owner.
The second is to receive orders and accept entrustment from cargo owners. After accepting the consignor’s entrustment (usually by fax), we need to clarify key information including delivery date, number of pieces, box type, box volume, gross weight, volume and other key information. There are also a series of information such as payment terms, consignor contact information, box making status, door-to-door delivery or inner packaging, etc. These are all things we need to know so that we can arrange the most appropriate plan.
The third is booking. Reservation requires the preparation of an authorization letter (ten joint orders); when making an order, the accuracy and consistency of the original order data should be ensured to the greatest extent to reduce frequent changes in subsequent processes. If the company’s booking seal is stamped, the booking attachments (such as the shipping company’s price conf information) are required when booking, and they should be prepared together before booking. It is necessary to obtain the space allocation receipt and extract the ship name, voyage, and bill of lading number information.
The fourth is to make the box. There are two main types. Door-to-door packing plan needs to be filled in: packing time, ship name, voyage, customs declaration number, transit port, destination port, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, door point, contact person, phone number and other factors, and booking before customs cutoff Arrange the bus schedule 1 to 2 days before the date (two days before the sailing date). The inner packaging needs to be filled in in the packing plan: shipping date and voyage, customs order number, transit port, destination port, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, entry quantity and other factors, before the customs deadline (two days before the shipment date) 1 ~Shuttle bus arranged within 2 days. Then obtain the packing list (CLP) obtained by the two packing methods.
The fifth is customs declaration. Understand the information required for customs clearance of frequently exported goods. Commodity inspection, quotas, licenses, and certificates of origin are required. Trademark authorization and trade name required. If the export amount exceeds US$100,000 from Hong Kong and US$500,000 from other regions, a foreign exchange settlement voucher (copy) must be provided during write-off. Chamber of Commerce price stamp required. Fill in the ship name, voyage number, bill of lading number, corresponding packing list, invoice, display gross and net weight, number of pieces, packaging type, amount, volume, and review the correctness of the customs declaration (the documents are consistent).
The sixth is the confirmation and modification of the bill of lading.
Step seven, sign the contract. Check that each original bill of lading is fully signed and stamped. Do you need a handwritten signature?
Eighth, voyage fee settlement.

The last step is to issue the bill of lading and invoice.
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International express freight calculation method:

  1. Billing weight unit:
    The international express delivery industry generally uses 0.5KG (0.5kg) as a billing weight unit.
  2. First weight and subsequent weight:
    For international express delivery, the first 0.5KG is the first weight (or lifting weight), and each additional 0.5KG is an additional weight.
    Usually the cost of lifting is higher than the cost of re-lifting.
  3. Actual weight and volume:
    It refers to the actual total weight of a batch of items to be transported, including packaging, which is called actual weight;
    When the items to be delivered are large in size but light in actual weight, due to the limitations of the carrying capacity of the means of transportation (airplanes, trains, ships, cars, etc.) and the volume of items that can be loaded, it is necessary to measure the volume of the items and convert them into weight. The weight used to calculate shipping costs is called dimensional weight or volume. Objects whose volumetric weight is greater than their actual weight are often called light parabolic objects.
  4. Billing weight:
    According to the definitions of actual weight and volume and the regulations of the International Air Cargo Association, the weight for calculating freight during cargo transportation is calculated based on the higher of the actual weight and volumetric weight of the entire shipment.
  5. Packaging fee
    Under normal circumstances, express companies provide free packaging and provide packaging materials such as cartons and bubbles. However, many items, such as clothing, do not require special packaging. However, for some valuable and fragile items, express companies still have to charge a certain packaging fee. of. Packaging costs are generally not included in the discount.
  6. General freight calculation formula:
    A) When the actual weight of the item to be delivered is greater than the volume, the freight calculation method is:
    First weight freight + (weight (kg) × 2-1) × additional weight freight
    For example: 7KG goods are calculated based on the first weight of 20 yuan and the additional weight of 9 yuan, then the total freight is:
    20+(7×2-1)*9=137 (yuan)
    B) When the actual weight of the item to be delivered is small but the volume is large, the freight must be charged according to the volume standard, and then the above
    Formula to calculate total shipping cost. The formula for obtaining volume is as follows:
    Regular items: Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) ÷ 6000 = Weight (KG)
    Irregular items: Longest (cm) × Widest (cm) × Highest (cm) ÷6000 = Weight (KG)
    C) International express delivery sometimes adds fuel surcharges
    For example, if the fuel surcharge at this time is 9%, you need to add: Freight × 9% to the result of formula (A)
    Fuel surcharges are usually discounted together with shipping costs
    7.Total cost:
    Total cost = (freight + fuel surcharge) × discount + packaging cost + other uncertain costs

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