J sun Logistics Co., Ltd. tells you that if you plan to transport your goods by sea freight, you need to prepare relevant documents:

Exporter – Prepare commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin or similar, bill of lading, shipping instructions
Freight Forwarding – Preparation of Delivery Notes, Freight Forwarding Cargo Receipts, Shipping Instructions for Bills of Lading, Marine Insurance, Cargo Inspection Certificates, Dangerous Packaging Statements
Clearing Agent – Prepare customs documents, port documents, duty and VAT exemption documents where applicable
Shipping lines or their agents – preparation of booking confirmations, release of containers, preparation or generation of bills of lading, manifests, manifest correctors, telex releases, freight invoices, stowage plans, loading lists, dangerous goods lists, export manifests and ports of discharge, They will prepare arrival notice, delivery order, unloading list, freight invoice
Transport companies – preparation of TREM cards, road permits, transit permits, port entry documents involving the transport of dangerous goods
Intermodal transport operator – preparation of documents for inland transport, rail transport, road permits
Surveyors – prepare cargo inspection and survey reports based on what they are asked to survey

Bank – Preparation of Letters of Credit, Bills of Exchange, Suretyship, Guarantees
Insurance – Preparation of marine insurance, cargo insurance and other general insurance policies
These are not all documents involved in the shipping process. Depending on the cargo, exporter, importer, bank, destination, shipping line, government, etc., there may be more documents required.. but these are the basic documents prepared by various entities for shipping goods by sea. Apart from this, there are other entities like ports, customs, excise, police, health, veterinary authorities who will be involved in the shipment and they will prepare their own documents.. As you can see, a shipment depends on several cooperation entities to implement it…

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