As a fast and safe way of transporting goods, international air freight plays an important role in international trade. However, air freight quotation has always been a hot topic that troubles businesses and individuals. From the type of cargo to the distance to the destination, the quality of service from the airline to the destination will all affect the price of air freight quotes. In this article, I will analyze the air freight quotation from different angles and conduct an in-depth analysis of it to help readers better understand and deal with this problem.

  1. The size and weight of the goods are important factors that affect the air freight quotation.
    Whether it is for commercial or personal use, when we choose air freight services, we need to consider the impact of the size and weight of the goods on the quotation. Generally speaking, larger, heavier goods require more space and resources to transport, which will lead to higher transportation costs.
    For example, if a company needs to transport a batch of heavy machinery and equipment to the destination by air, due to its large size and weight, this will increase the cost of the air transport company, so the air transport quotation will be correspondingly higher. Therefore, the size and weight of the goods are one of the important factors affecting the air freight quotation.
  1. The relationship between the particularity of the goods and the air freight quotation
    In addition to size and weight, the particularity of the cargo will also have an impact on the air freight quotation. For example, certain goods may require special packaging, storage and handling, which will increase costs for air freight companies.
    For example, a company needs to transport a batch of fragile ceramic products to overseas buyers by air. Since these ceramic products require special packaging and handling to ensure the safety of transportation, the air freight company will add additional costs, thus affecting the air freight quotation. Therefore, the particularity of the goods is closely related to the air freight quotation, and merchants and individuals should take this into consideration when choosing air freight services.
  2. The impact of destination distance and route on air freight quotation
    Destination distance and route are also key factors affecting air freight quotations. Generally speaking, if the goods need to be transported via long-distance intercontinental routes, air freight quotations will be higher compared to short-distance transportation. This is because long-distance flights require more fuel, manpower and time, as well as higher operating costs.
    At the same time, in some remote or less developed areas, due to inconvenient transportation and insufficient service resources, airlines may need to invest more resources to provide services, resulting in an increase in air freight quotations. Therefore, destination distance and route have a direct impact on air freight quotations.
  3. The relationship between airline service quality and air freight quotation
    The service quality of airlines is also one of the important factors in determining air freight quotations. Some well-known airlines may invest a lot of resources in air transportation and services to provide high-quality services. Due to the improvement in service quality, the air freight quotations of these airlines may be relatively high.
    On the contrary, some low-cost airlines may have lowered some service quality, such as reducing resource investment in special cargo handling, in order to provide more competitive offers. Therefore, when choosing airlines and service providers, businesses and individuals need to comprehensively consider the relationship between airline service quality and air freight quotation.
    To sum up, the price of air freight is affected by many factors. The size, weight, specificity of the cargo, destination distance and route, as well as the airline’s service quality are all important factors that affect air freight quotations.
    When businesses and individuals choose air transportation services, they should comprehensively consider these factors and find an air transportation solution that suits their needs. Only by truly understanding the principles of air freight quotation formation can we better utilize air freight services to provide excellent support and protection for our business or personal actions.

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