Before choosing a logistics company, it is recommended that you do some more research and compare services and quotes from different companies to ensure you choose the service provider that best suits your needs.
Air freight services in Ireland are usually provided by logistics companies. You can initiate an air shipment to Ireland by following these steps:
Find logistics companies: Find logistics companies locally or online and compare their services, quotes and reputation.
Contact a logistics company: Once you have selected a suitable logistics company, contact them and inquire about details about air freight services.
Provide cargo information: Provide detailed information about the cargo, including size, weight, quantity and special requirements.
Get a quote: The logistics company will provide an air freight quote based on the cargo information you provide.

Confirm service: If you agree to the quote, you can confirm the air freight service with the logistics company and arrange the pickup or delivery of the goods.
Track the shipment: After the shipment has been shipped by air, you can stay in touch with the logistics company and track the shipment and arrival of the shipment.
Ships anywhere in the United States. Special lines include: European special line, Japanese special line, international shipping, air transportation, and the four major international express delivery: UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT green customs clearance. If there are any more goods that need to be shipped, with many years of experience and advantages, we have created a professional Efficient transportation platform. In addition, based on the advantages of each shipping company, we provide diversified options, different shipping schedules and route combinations, rich operating experience and the most competitive freight rates to meet your transportation needs.
We have signed transportation agreements with many large airlines to ensure freight advantages and stable supply of transportation space. At the same time, we can keep up with cargo transportation trends through our proprietary real-time cargo tracking system.
Shipping services
1.Transportation service:
Container transportation: We have signed long-term cooperation agreements with a number of shipping companies. Through our independently developed freight rate system and professional offline service capabilities, we can provide customers with diversified choices and competitively priced port-to-port shipping import and export services.

  1. Warehousing services:
    Warehousing services: Operation teams for warehousing and loading and unloading goods in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. The entry and exit of goods are managed through the system. Committed to providing customers with a variety of basic and value-added warehousing services through excellent supplier relationships.
  2. Customs declaration and inspection services:
    Customs declaration, inspection and release: Export customs declaration services can be handled according to different customer needs. Professional customs declaration personnel can answer your complex professional knowledge.
  3. Multimodal transport services:
    Multimodal transportation: Relying on domestic and foreign network resources and based on customer needs and cargo characteristics, we provide multimodal transportation services such as sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, water transportation, and railway transportation.
  4. Transportation insurance services:
    Marine insurance: Professional cargo transportation insurance consulting, processing and claims services with preferential rates.

If you have any questions about cross-border transportation of goods, please feel free to contact us at any time:
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