The current hot spots for international logistics: Pakistan and northern India

On February 27, an air war broke out between India and Pakistan. India carried out cross-border air strikes on Pakistan, and 12 fighter planes dropped one ton of bombs. This is the most intense conflict between India and Pakistan since the military conflict broke out in Kashmir in 1999. Affected by the war, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan officially announced through social media on the afternoon of the 27th that it would close its airspace and suspend all civil aviation flights until subsequent notification is received. At the same time, maritime cargo will also be delayed to varying degrees. As of now, air freight and express services in Pakistan have been suspended, and airports in northern India are yet to be determined.

Due to the tension between India and Pakistan, international logistics services in the India-Pakistan region will be greatly affected. If you have plans to export to Pakistan or India, please contact us in time to confirm the latest shipping information before making transportation plans. If you have any more questions, please contact us

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