Italy is located in southern Europe and mainly consists of the boot-shaped Apennine Peninsula and two large islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. In 2016, China continued to maintain its position as Italy’s third largest source of imports. More and more parcels are being express delivered from China to Italy. The price and timeliness of air freight delivery from China to Italy is also a concern of every foreign trade seller. So how much does it cost to express air freight from China to Italy? Let me give you a detailed introduction.
What express delivery service is available to send items from China to Italy?
The choice of express delivery when sending something to Italy mainly depends on what it is. If it is food, cosmetics, and brands, you can send it by EMS. If it is general goods such as clothes, you can send it by DHL. If it is a built-in battery, mobile power supply, etc., you can send it. UPS; you can use the European dedicated line for double clearance and tax guarantee. Usually, it is cheaper to find a professional agency than to go directly to the express company yourself. However, never send leather shoes to Italy. Leather shoes are very well protected in Italy and it is easy to collect taxes or return them.

The cost of express delivery from China to Italy is roughly as follows:
Electric vehicles use the European special line for RMB60/KG, and the aging time is 6-10 days; clothes use UPS, the first weight of 1KG is 100RMB, and the additional weight of 0.5KG is 25RMB; one kilogram of batteries costs about 300 RMB, and the aging time is 6-8 days; balance cars use UPS European UPS dedicated line, RM***/KG+RMB120/unit (tariff), 6-8 working days; built-in battery via DHL, RMB66/KG, 3-7 working days.
Do I need to pay tax for express delivery from China to Italy?
Whether ** is required mainly depends on the declared value of the goods. You only need to declare according to the actual declared value. Generally, it will not be inspected and no tariffs will be incurred.
The EU starting point is 22 euros. The composition of comprehensive tariffs is: VAT = (value of goods (declared to customs) + freight + DUTY (tariff)) X 19%; DUTY (tariff) = (value of goods + freight 70%) .
Italian Foreign Trade Policy As a member of the European Union, Italy implements a unified EU common trade policy, but regarding the technical safety and health quarantine standards of imported goods, the EU directives are converted into domestic regulations before being implemented.
Import tariff rates for Italy’s main products:
Knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories 10.5%; non-knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories 12%; luggage 3%; spectacle frames 2.2%; glasses 2.9%; footwear 8%; silk fabrics 3%; toys and dolls 4.7% .

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