Utilizing air freight services to reach Cambodia is a fast, safe and reliable way to depart via different international airports and requires compliance with government and customs requirements. It is very important to choose the appropriate airline and logistics solution to secure your shipment Able to reach destination on time and safely.
Air freight to Cambodia usually departs from different international airports, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China, as well as Bangkok in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Vientiane in Laos. Flights usually arrive at airports in major cities such as Phnom Penh or Siam Reap.
When choosing the right airline to transport your cargo, factors such as transit time, price, capacity, service level and reliability need to be considered. Currently, there are many international transport companies providing air transport services to Cambodia, including large logistics companies and airlines.
When using air freight services, you need to comply with the Cambodian government’s import policies and customs requirements. Goods need to go through relevant import declaration procedures and pay relevant duties and fees. In addition, the cargo also needs to comply with the airline’s transportation requirements and regulations, such as packaging, marking and weight restrictions.
It should be noted that due to Cambodia’s relatively backward transportation and logistics facilities, the last-mile delivery of goods may face difficulties and delays. Therefore, when choosing air freight services, you also need to consider the final delivery method and logistics solution of the goods.
A very important feature of international logistics is the difference in logistics environments between countries, especially the differences in the soft logistics environment. Different laws applicable to logistics in different countries make international logistics much more complex than a country’s domestic logistics, and may even block international logistics; different economic and technological development levels in different countries will cause international logistics to be supported by different technological conditions, and even Some regions are simply unable to apply certain technologies, which forces the entire international logistics system to decline; different standards in different countries will make it difficult to establish a unified standard for the international logistics system; the national conditions and characteristics of different countries will inevitably make international logistics subject to great limitations. .
The difference between international express line and international express: International express service is that integrates global resources and cooperates with overseas express companies to sort goods domestically and use direct flights for customs clearance and distribution.
Line channels to specific countries, generally the United States dedicated line and European dedicated line are international dedicated lines, with air, sea, rail and other modes of transportation. International express delivery definition: refers to the express delivery and logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions).
The delivery business of letters, business documents and items between countries (or regions) is a transportation method that inspects and releases express items through border ports and customs between countries.
After international express mail reaches the destination country, it needs to be transshipped again in the destination country before the express mail can be delivered to the final destination, which is called international express delivery.
International logistics shipping steps

  1. Price inquiry
    First, consult with the customer service of International Logistics to provide information on the transportation of the items, and then provide you with a quotation, and also provide you with economical and suitable delivery methods and routes.
  2. Confirm order
    After confirming the international logistics requirements for mailing, the international logistics company will first send the items to the warehouse in Shenzhen through domestic logistics. At that time, the international logistics customer service will send you the relevant information and precautions. Free door-to-door pickup from domestic logistics to Shenzhen warehouses nationwide.
  3. Sorting and packaging
    After J sun Logistics Co., Ltd Company receives your parcel, it will inspect and sort and pack it. Fragile items will be wrapped with bubble wrap and fragile stickers. At the same time, all parcels will be wrapped with waterproof film to ensure that your items are safe. There will be no damage during transportation. During the packaging process, the staff of the international logistics company will confirm the number of items with you in real time to ensure that no items are missed. After the packaging is completed, they will also take photos with you for confirmation.
  4. Pay the shipping fee
    After confirming that the package is correct, the customer service of the international logistics company will provide you with an economical and suitable delivery method and route, and will actually weigh and measure the weight and volume of your consigned items to confirm the final cost. You will pay after confirming that it is correct. freight.

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