The air freight operation process can be divided into domestic air transport operation process and international air transport operation process. The international air transport operation process also includes air transport import process and air transport export process, and there will be small differences in the process in different places. Here, I will tell you about it. Let’s give an overview of the air freight operation process.
First of all, everyone must be clear that dangerous air transport items that are absolutely prohibited cannot be transported by air. If you want to transport dangerous goods by air, congratulations, you don’t need to read the following air transport operation process anymore…
Air freight operation process:

  1. Cargo consignment
    The cargo authorization letter must indicate the consignor, consignee, destination, scheduled flight date and airline, destination, number of pieces, weight, volume and freight rate. After all foreign trade companies and industrial and trade enterprises have prepared the goods and received the incoming letter of credit and reviewed (or modified) it is correct, they can handle the consignment, that is, according to the relevant shipping terms in the letter of credit and contract, as well as the name of the goods and the number of pieces. , shipment date, destination, etc., fill in the “Consignment Note” and provide relevant documents, and send it to the international shipping company as the basis for booking flights.
  2. Required documents
    Customs declaration materials need to include: A: Customs declaration form, B: Verification form, C: Customs declaration power of attorney D: Invoice E: Packing list F: Exchange order voucher/electronic transfer order information G: License certificate H: Others as needed supply. (The five documents A, B, C, D, and E are required)
  3. Fixed position
    A. For customs declaration on the same day, the flight in the afternoon of that day is usually called on-site. For on-site goods, the cargo bill is generally required to be delivered to the airport around 9 a.m., because after the customs declaration is completed in the morning, it will be allocated to the afternoon flight, and the cargo on the plane after 9 p.m. The manifest was delivered to the airport at around 1 p.m.
    B. For the next day’s flight, the cargo manifest must arrive at the airport no later than 2 pm on the same day, because the customs generally requires that the customs declaration information must be pre-recorded into the customs computer system before 2:30 pm.
    C. For particularly urgent goods, in order to match the fastest flight, when the order has arrived at the airport and the goods have not yet entered the warehouse, you can go to customs first. This practice is called advance customs declaration. Pre-customs declaration is based on the weight reported by the customer. It is reported on the bill of lading, so the error rate between the reported weight and the actual weight entering the warehouse is required to be controlled within 3%. If the error is too large, it will affect delivery and write-off.
    Goods that have been pre-declared must be delivered to the warehouse 6 hours before the flight takes off. After the goods enter the warehouse, our company will report the actual weight and volume measured after the customer arrives at the warehouse for confirmation. If the customer has requirements, we can fax the warehouse receipt to the customer.
    Airport air cargo can also be used by everyone to transport goods in daily life. We often buy things on Taobao. Everyone must know about air freight. That is, after we buy something, if the distance is relatively far, the seller will send it to the buyer by air freight. Freight, for this kind of transportation, the relevant procedures are usually handled by the consignor. The aviation department charges fees according to the weight and size of the object, or the person who picks up the goods pays. Of course, the fees charged are also related to direct flights or transfers. Because the direct speed will be faster, the cost will be slightly higher.

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