Air freight company prices refer to factors that directly affect air freight logistics costs. Since air freight logistics itself has high costs, the price of air freight companies will also directly affect customer choice. This article will discuss air freight company prices from the following aspects.

  1. Factors of air freight company price
    Air freight company prices are affected by many factors, the main factors including logistics scale, capacity, routes, timeliness, cargo characteristics, etc. Large-scale logistics companies have more complete logistics networks and transportation equipment, which can effectively control transportation costs, so their prices are relatively low. Regarding factors such as the characteristics of the goods and transportation timeliness, generally speaking, the transportation price of important items and urgent goods will be correspondingly higher. Outside the same route, prices may fluctuate due to flight value, ship capacity, flight time and other factors.
  2. Calculation method of air freight company prices
    Air freight companies have two charging methods: weight charging and volume charging, which depend on the actual situation of the goods. If the density of the goods is high, it will be more cost-effective to charge based on volume; conversely, if the density of the goods is small, it will be more cost-effective to charge based on weight. In addition to basic transportation costs, various miscellaneous fees such as fuel surcharges, customs clearance fees, insurance fees, luggage weight fees, and security fees must also be considered.
  1. Price competition pressure from air freight companies
    In recent years, as the number of air transport companies continues to increase, market competition has become unprecedentedly fierce, and the threshold for the industry has also been lowered. Therefore, the price competitiveness of air transport companies targeting the same air route has also become increasingly fierce. Simulating the continuous optimization of logistics operation quality and good relationships with domestic and foreign partners and upstream and downstream enterprises will also become one of the important ways for air transport companies to maintain their competitive advantage.
  2. Pricing strategy of air freight company prices
    There are two main pricing strategies for air transport companies: one is a pricing strategy based on cost plus, that is, based on logistics costs, with a certain profit as a markup; the other is a market-based pricing strategy, that is, based on the market Adjust logistics prices based on factors such as demand and market prices. Different pricing strategies will affect the level of logistics prices. Therefore, when formulating logistics strategies, we should start from the customer’s perspective and reasonably formulate prices based on market demand to improve market competitiveness.
    To sum up, although air freight company prices are affected by many factors, they can essentially be effectively controlled through transportation scale, routes, cargo characteristics and transportation timeliness to meet customer needs. At the same time, air freight company prices are also a manifestation of competitiveness. For air freight companies, formulating a reasonable pricing strategy is an important guarantee for achieving multi-faceted goals. No matter what the situation is, the starting point should be to meet customer needs and provide customers with fast, safe, and high-quality logistics services.

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